Skincare During Rains

The monsoons bring a host of skin problems – fungal infections, acne, skin eruptions etc. Here are a few ways you can take care of your skin during monsoon. Major issue during rainy season is the fungal infection. So never keep your skin and body wet for long time. Lukewarm water for bath, anti-fungal soap, cream and talc will be beneficial. If your skin is getting dry and it gives you an irritating feeling, then just moisturize it. Apply rose water, glycerin, honey, almond or moisturizer before sleep.

If your skin is oily or blackheads and whiteheads are noticeable, then reduce the oil from skin by using water based moisturizers, cleansing it multiple times, drinking plenty of water and applying citrus fruit peel pack will help.

Clean the skin: Non-soapy face wash to be used for deep cleansing. Clean the skin 3 – 4 times a day, which will help your pores to breathe and unclog.

Tone your skin: Toning should be done in the morning or night. Non-alcoholic toner must be used to avoid skin eruptions and infections as to avoid pimples.

Moisturize the skin: Moisturizer should be used according to your skin type.

Shield the skin by sunscreens: Sunscreen is beneficial as it helps in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.  Continue using sunscreen lotions and creams even if it is cloudy.

Scrubbing: Scrub gently twice to exfoliate the dead skin and let the skin get suppler.

Some other helpful tips to follow in monsoons are:

  • Heavy make-up is a huge turn off during monsoon, so opt for a water-proof make-up.
  • Apply lotion-based serum to keep your skin re-hydrated and brightened. Found Youth is one such serum that will keep your youthfulness intact by banishing the signs of aging.
  • Avoid bleaching and facials during this season as they can be more harmful and can result in rough skin.
  • Wash your lips at night and apply some milk cream. Avoid lipsticks and apply coconut oil if slightly cracked.
  • Always wash your face, hands and feet as soon as you reach home with lukewarm water. This makes you feel refreshed and stay healthy.

To help you maintain flawless skin this monsoon, you can also try using a skin care supplement which has natural ingredients.

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